You’ve Got To Start Somewhere

I installed the pop bumpers in a pretty much random spot. Cutting the holes by hand, even with a nice sharp Forstner bit, isn’t very fun. Next time it will all be CNC-cut. I also changed the lane guides by the flippers, installed some wire guides (not seen), and cut holes for some other playfield assemblies (also not seen). Progress is made!


Pretty Pop Bumpers

I yanked the caveman technology incandescent bulb from the pop bumper mechanisms, and am replacing them with Adafruit Neopixel Jewels. They have 7 RGB LEDs that are serially addressable, and look so much better…


More Power

I’ve had to upgrade the power system to support the new RGB-LED DMD (the cool display thingy), so I made sure I’d have enough power for all lights and motors. Behold, Power 2.0!


Exclusive Announcement!

Today, here only and two days before it will be seen by the public at the Northwest Pinball and Arcade Expo in Tacoma Washington, I’m officially announcing development of an Invader Zim themed pinball machine, with a tentative target date to finish by the end of the year.