Cabinet Progress!

Last night I test-fitted the front panel with the coin door and plunger, and despite a small issue with the plunger (easily solved with a 1/2″ drill bit) everything fit great!

The way the coin door fits is very satisfying, I love me some clean CNC work.

Yeah I Know…

It’s been forever since I’ve posted. Honestly I’ve been dragging my feet because I need a deeper, more modern cabinet to support a second level area and ramps, etc. What I have been using just won’t work, and it’s very hard to design a game that will use those without a cabinet that supports them. So I’ve been working on the CAD files to cut out what I need on the CNC router. I’ve cut out both cabinet sides as well as the backbox sides. The bottom, front, and back of the cabinet and the back of the backbox still need cut, but that’ll happen soon. Here’s proof: